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Full personal attention from us

Although our company name is Home Cinema Projects doesn’t mean that we don’t do any Commercial Cinema related projects. So for commercial Cinema installations such as VIP rooms, Auditoriums and Premium Large Format rooms please feel free to contact me.

If you have a space and want a Home Cinema or Media Room in your house than please feel free to contact me. Home Cinema Projects will consult with dealers/installers and will connect you with the right companies/persons. If you are not a dealer/installer please feel free to contact me as well and I will assist you finding the right dealer for your project. 

WHY? I understand what you want and how to achieve that, so you can focus on what matters:

EXPERIENCE  your movies as intended by the filmmaker

Home Cinema Projects does not do your installation we consult, assist and calibrate your system once everything is installed. We provide speaker layout drawings with Procella Audio loudspeakers and subwoofers, advise on selecting the right screen, acoustics and more.



I have been in the AV industry for more than 25 years and even longer on a private level. I made large installations and projects where SmartHome and AV were combined, build Home Cinema’s, worked for and with many brands and still manage building booths for the ISE, CEDIA, CineEurope. Enough experience to assist you on many different levels. I am widely orientated and very dedicated.

Our goal: deliver an EXPERIENCE as intended by the filmmaker
How: by selecting quality products



Besides Residential and Commercial Cinema, we are familiar with everything that is related these days with whole house Audio Video, networks, smartphones, tablets and more. My background and knowledge is very wide orientated: audio video streaming, digital TV, media servers, websites, streaming services, networks, smarthome and much more…


Procella Audio

High Performance Cinema Loudspeakers

Procella Audio loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers are designed for Residential Cinema, Studio and Commercial Cinema’s. It is a Swedish company and founded in 2005.

The range of loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers cover everything. The size of your room selects the speakermodel, unlike almost all speaker brands which have a good-better-best line-up.

Procella speakers are straightforward modular, with a clear room size designation for all models to achieve full THX and Dolby compliance.

When you buy a Procella speaker or subwoofer you will always have the ‘best’ of what they offer. Enclosed cabinet, Pro-Audio components, compression drivers with a tailor made waveguide and a first class filter. All speakers are timbre matched this means you can “mix and match” any model.

Procella Audio will get you as close to the Commercial Cinema Experience as possible in your own Home Cinema.

Curious? take a look at their products 



Reference Immersive Audio Processors 

Trinnov processors are designed and manufactured in France, with reliability forged through fourteen years of experience serving the most demanding professional audio environments. Because world-class products deserve world-class support, they are committed to providing customer support at the same high level as their technology. The innovative ability to connect to your product remotely through the network allows us to provide off-site assistance to all Trinnov customers/dealers, including for setup, calibration or post-installation help.

Among their many technologies is a unique, four-element 3D calibration microphone, which measures and identifies the location of all speakers in the room in three dimensions, and Trinnov’s world-renowned loudspeaker/room Optimizer that is recognized as best-in-class by users and reviewers from the professional, cinema and high-end home audio worlds.


Sales Agent | Consultant


I don’t really like the word sales, I wan’t to create a long term relationship with my dealers. I simply give advise for what is needed. Since 2005 I represent Procella Audio (residential EU and Cinema Worldwide).


We will assist you within your budget to create a solution. This is what i’ve been doing for over 20 years. I have learned a lot over the years about many different things and problems don’t ‘exist’ only solutions. In the process I don’t have any boundaries, only a statisfied client counts.

Technical Support

Home Cinema Projects at is best, working with dealers/installers assisting on their projecst from start to finish (if needed), as a result a very happy client who will hopefully bring new clients. Everyone has an certain expertise and bringing these people together as a team and let them work as a team is my specialty.

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